Friday, April 1, 2016

Equal Pay

So I just have a few quick thoughts on this issue, and I'll keep them brief because I don't have most of the details:

1) I wasn't aware that the players on the men's and women's national teams actually got paid at all. I mean, I assumed they got per diem and travel expenses covered and what not, but beyond that I was always under the assumption that the honor of playing for the National Team was compensation enough. That said, since apparently that's not the case, I agree that members of the men's and women's national teams should absolutely be paid the same.

2) And let's be clear, they should be paid the same regardless of how good either team is. The fact that the women are World Cup Champions and the men just failed to qualify for the Olympics should have no bearing on pay. And playing for the National Team should never be about the money, it should be about representing your country.

3) I'm a little surprised that the Men's National Team hasn't aligned themselves with the Women's National Team in this suit. I would assume that conversations were had between the two groups, wouldn't you? And I'll be honest, I think the women's case would get even more national attention if the Clint Dempseys and the Tim Howards and the Michael Bradleys were to come out and say, 'you're right, this isn't fair, we need to fix this.' You would think that would really put the pressure on U.S. Soccer to make a change. Maybe that's coming, we'll see.

4) I'll be honest, I'm disappointed that this situation has become national news. Don't get me wrong, the women's team has every right to make it national news, but why couldn't this get resolved at the lowest level? If the numbers are what the women's team claims they are, then what's the argument for U.S. Soccer not fixing the problem? And if they numbers aren't what the women's team claims, why not clarify that so the issue could be put to bed?

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