Thursday, February 12, 2015

Favorable Draw for U.S. U-20s

The U.S. U-20s will have a favorable draw in the 2015 World Cup as they will face New Zealand, Ukraine and Myanmar (or Laos if you're old school). This is a far cry from the 2013 tournament that pitted the U.S. against France (the eventual champions), Spain and Ghana (third place finishers). Needless to say the U.S. fared poorly going 0-2-1 and getting outscored 9-3 in 3 matches. Ironically, their one draw came against the French, while Ghana and Spain both enjoyed 4-1 wins against them. Anyhow, this time they should fare better as they get New Zealand (the host nation who didn't need to qualify), Myanmar (who 99% of Americans couldn't find on a map) and the Ukraine who needed a 94th minute goal to defeat England and advance to the UEFA U-19 Championship where they finished third in their group of four. The U.S. will open play against Myanmar on May 30th.


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